Community Programs

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    Visalia Friends Meeting
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    Quaker Oaks Farm


When Quaker Oaks Farm was purchased, it was mostly grassland with tules growing in a wetland and riparian woodland, on the eastern boarder next to the Kaweah Oaks Preserve. A farmhouse and evidence of past farming had all but disappeared. Inspired by a majestic Valley Oak in the center they called it Quaker Oaks Farm. They always envisioned the farm as a place where people could come together to learn from each other to build peace and justice in this land. For years they worked to find a way to ensure the land would be held in trust to carry forward their vison of a “place where good things happen”.


The hard work and vision of Quaker Oaks Farm, and their partners, laid the foundations for the land to serve as an environmental education center dedicated to the promotion of sustainable living. In the ensuing decade, many more people contributed their time, resources and talent to bring QOF to its present state. New programs have been added each year, and more are being developed. The farm offers several community programs throughout the year.

The Tule Tract Habitat Restoration project will continue to provide educational opportunities for community members to learn about Conservation Strategies, and Cultural Resources. Additional community programs are in the planning stages, such as a nature trail with educational kiosks. Farm tours are also available to the community by appointment only or during special events.