Diversified Farming

  • Focus :
    Partners :
    Mixtec Community, and the Community Alliance for Agroecology
    Project Location :
    Quaker Oaks Farm


Agriculture occupies a large percent of earth’s landscape and those lands are under ever-increasing pressure to be more resilient. In creating a diversified farm, we hope to build a resilient landscape that has multiple benefits for people, animals and society. For example, we are using cover crops to increase soil microbial diversity which promotes increased carbon storage and nitrogen fixation. Cover crops also increase organic matter and improve soil water retention thereby increasing the resiliency of the land to climate change and drought.


This land has told many tales and has many more tales to tell. Out on the farm we have been blessed to observe the multiple forms and natural rhythms of this land as the seasons come and go. We believe the farm is a living organism, thus we are adapting our management practices to participate in this eternal dance.

More than 20 years ago families originally from Oaxaca Mexico were invited to start the Mixtec community garden. For the past ten years the Mixtec garden has been the basis of QOF’s crop production. In the past two years, together we have expanded our agricultural production, diversified our practices and developed new educational programs. QOF is in transition, in preparation to apply for Organic Certification.

QOF is currently working toward becoming a center for developing and teaching diversified farming practices in California’s Central Valley. Working together with collaborators such as Community Alliance for Agroecology we have hosted two Agroecology Crash Courses and an Agroecology Encuentro with Southern California partners. We hope to expand this collaboration with CAFA in the future and host a series of Agroecology Crash Courses and gatherings among residents and government partners in the San Joaquin Valley.